Primary Log Breakdown

Vertical Quad Roll Log Turner

The vertical roll log turner utilizes two sets of two pivoting vertical rolls that move vertically in opposite directions to effectively turn a log irrespective of its form or defects. It normally is controlled by the optimizer program based on scanner data but may also be manually operated. It provides an essential first operation for maximum lumber recovery.

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  • Fast acting for feed rates up to 600 fpm
  • Minimal distance to “V” chain for log transition
  • 34” maximum opening of rolls
  • 36” vertical roll travel for up to 180 degree log rotation (24” log)
  • Offsetting of rolls for off-centered logs in “V” chain
  • Precision machined linear slideways for precise movement and control
  • Precision machined linear carriage assemblies supporting rolls positioned by hydraulic cylinders
  • Two sets of spiked roll assemblies, each set pivoting independently of the other to permit following a log’s form and driven by direct mounted hydraulic motors
  • Constant pressure maintained on a log of each roll assembly by hydraulic cylinders
  • Steel fabricated base precision machined for mounting components