Primary Log Breakdown

CCO Log Infeed

(Continuous Controlled Orientation)

As log forms vary, orientation of a log after turning is absolutely required to maintain the optimal sawing axis for best lumber recovery.
To accomplish this, Sawquip has developed an unique infeed that utilizes horizontal rolls that can be positioned laterally to transport a log forward but at the same re-position it to the chipping heads in real time according to data from three scan zones mounted in the infeed. (See Technical Bulletin).
Unlike systems that move the infeed requiring extra length, Sawquip’s CCO is compact, fast and can easily replace existing sharp chain infeeds.

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  • Four horizontal roll assemblies (optional 6 for longer logs) mounted on linear roll assemblies, each assembly positioned by hydraulic cylinder.
  • Three 3D scanner assemblies for real time determination of a log’s position as it is transported forward (five assemblies for longer logs).
  • Unique ability of the roll assemblies to accommodate all log forms and defects as the log is transported forward at up to 600 fpm.
  • All hydraulic design for rolls and cylinders.

U.S. Pat. No 6,896,019
Ca Pat. No 2,426,378