Secondary Breakdown

Six Axes Profiler

The six axes profiler eliminates edging of boards by profiling a two or four sided cant. Six axes are required as two profiler heads are each positioned vertically and together are positioned laterally (by the carriage). The Profiler is used both in primary log breakdown and in cant processing into lumber. It can be installed after a canter producing vertical two sided cants or before a cant chipping canter or multi-saw edger.

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  • Normally profiles 6” to 10” cants
  • Two sets of two or three vertical knurled driven rolls located at the infeed and outfeed and central chromed anvil to secure and transport cants through the profiling heads
  • Two sets of profiler heads each head positioned vertically by servo-cylinders and horizontally by the servo-cylinder on the carriage supporting the profilers
  • Each two profiler assembly is driven by a 125 hp motor with pulleys and belts
  • Two carriage assemblies mounted on frictionless shafting each supporting the profilers rolls and drives