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Sawquip International

Sawquip International is a well established and recognized manufacturer of technically advanced sawmill equipment which it conceives, designs and fabricates for the primary and secondary breakdown of logs into quality lumber products. Its sawmill equipment is found in North American and offshore markets.

Since October 2017, Sawquip is part of the Cardinal family. By joining their forces, both companies are able to offer a full range of products in order to meet the specific needs of their customers.

Cardinal specializes in the design, manufacturing and distribution of equipment used in the sawmill, forestry, recycling, mineral exploration, and mining.

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Sawquip International

For further information regarding products and services offered by Sawquip in the sawmill, and mining industries, contact us!

Sawquip International

Our Expertise

Primary Breakdown

Strength, precision and speed of execution, that’s what we offer for your primary breakdown operations!


Whether you are cutting to the natural curvature or to an optimized position, we have the equipment to suit your needs.


Whether for primary or secondary breakdown, our 10-axes profiler will minimize the number of pieces going to the edger without having to sacrifice the productivity of your plant.

Secondary breakdown

Whether you are cutting to the natural curvature or to an optimized position, we have the equipment to suit your needs.


No factory is the same, which is why we will tailor our solutions according to your specific needs.


Our equipment will edge your parts optimally to maximize the value of each. A customized solution will be developed by our team of designers.

Sawquip International

Our Products

The use of chipping heads is the most efficient, high production rate of primary log breakdown. Chipping heads can be configured as two vertical with an optional bottom head and can have face mounted saw teeth for smooth surfaces. Thin kerf guided circular saws in twin or quad configuration are close coupled to the chipping heads to produce two or four side cuts that are discharged towards the board edger. Centre two face cants go forward for further processing.

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When processing cants produced from primary log breakdown, you must take into account the form and curvature of a cant. For two sided cants, you must chip the rounded sides to eliminate slabs and use thin kerf saws to breakdown the cants into lumber.

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Side cuts from primary log breakdown have two rounded sides (unless a profiler is used) which requires removal or “edging”. To eliminate long small pieces, Sawquip has developed chipping edgers which chip the sides to proper board width.

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Sawquip has developed equipment that when combined, can automate log and cant breakdown often in a single pass. Multi-function equipment can be used for primary and secondary breakdown as well as edging.

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Sawquip International


We are pleased to announce AE Gibson & Sons Pty Ltd has been appointed regional Australia and New Zealand partner for Cardinal/Sawquip.
AE Gibson & Sons Pty Ltd was founded in 1896, and is a fifth generation family owned Australian business located in the Mid North Coast NSW region, with offices in Kendall, Coffs Harbour, Melbourne and Sydney. AE Gibson designs and manufactures leading technology for Sawmilling equipment and Automated Systems, including advanced sensing and robotics.
To see the full press release, please visit AE Gibson & Sons’ website.
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