Linear Chipping Board Edger

Sawquip’s optimized board edger utilizes two compact chipping heads suspended over an un-edged board that is transported on a high speed belt after passing through a 3-D scan zone to determine its form and optimized cutting path.

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  • The edger can process un-edged boards that are 4’-16’ long and 3”-18” wide at feed rates up to 850 fpm with an 8 foot gap between boards
  • Un-edged boards are processed regardless of their position on the belt
  • Two carriages each supporting a chipping head and drive are mounted on chromed shafting which in turn is mounted on a central bearing assembly to permit rotation
  • Positioning of the chipping heads and rotation of central assembly are by servo-motors
  • Each chipping head is equipped with three knives and saw-face for smooth lumber edges
  • Chipping heads are driven by Volvo high performance hydraulic motors
  • Infeed and outfeed hold-down guide rolls are driven by hydraulic motors and are activated by hydraulic cylinders with controls
  • Options include a horizontal cutter head to equalize thickness or reduce boards and vertical splitter saw